Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Budget Traveller

Budget Traveller (www.budgettraveller.org) is an interesting site with a lot of useful information, particularly for those travelling to Europe. Written by a young British man, it includes some free e books that you can download.

The ebooks cover luxury hostels in Europe and 48 hour guides to Germany, and there is online information on cheap eats in various European cities including Tenerife, Munich, Oslo and Rome. (I will admit that 'luxury hostels' sounds like an oxymoron to me, but I could be wrong.) I imagine the guide to cheap eats in Oslo would be especially useful, since Oslo is one of the continent's most costly cities.

The Munich guide also looked helpful, since it covers real restaurants and not just my usual staple when I travel in Germany, the schnell imbiss. A schnell imbiss, as you may remember, is a stand or very small restaurant where you can enjoy staples such as wurst or Turkish specialties along with drinks at very low prices. The guides include pictures of restaurants and/or dishes they serve, along with information on prices.

As travel to Europe (or most other places abroad) is getting ever more expensive for us Canadians with a recent depreciation of the Canadian dollar of approximately 10 per cent, these types of details on how and where to save are very valuable. Another good source of budget travel tips for Europe is www.EuroCheapo.com.


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