Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best Airlines for Stopovers

One good way to minimize the stress of travelling long distances is to stop over en route. It used to be possible to stop over for free in Europe when travelling to destinations in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Today, though, stopping over is likely to cost you a lot. However, according to a story in, there are still airlines that offer free or low-cost stopovers. They include Icelandair, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines, which offer free stops in their hub cities in certain cases.

Several other airlines provide low-cost stopovers to transit passengers. They include Air France, Turkish Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Finnair and Emirates. Booking these stopovers isn't always easy online, so you may need to talk with an airline representative or travel agent who is knowledgeable about the process.

I used to stopover in London or Amsterdam when travelling on to Africa or the Middle East, and always enjoyed the contrast of cultures as well as the chance to break up the long flights. It's a good way to maximize your travel at minimal or no cost.


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