Sunday, May 18, 2014

Deals for North American Flyers

Just about everybody loves to get a deal on air fare, and if you live in Canada you can find a number of them on the Websites owned by a young man called Chris Myden. For instance, you can fly from Montreal to Hong Kong on Delta for as little as $761 including taxes. Earlier in the year you could go from Montreal to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies for just $298 return in February, or from Toronto to the Azores for only $369 return in January.

All you need to do is check out flights from your preferred city for Montreal, www.yyzdeals for Toronto, or www. plus the airline code for a number of other Canadian cities that are listed on the sites, plus the word "deals" plus ".com."

This is a great source for some last minute travel as well as savings on some advance bookings. For example, the low fares listed on Delta for flights to the Orient are mainly for the fall months. The site tells you how to get to the low fares, which often are not advertised, on the airline's Website or through another search engine. Of course, these deals tend to sell out fast.

Those of us who live in Canada suffer from over-taxation on air fares, so these sites are very welcome here. I wondered whether there are similar sites for other cities, and found one called for New York's JFK Airport. However, it seems to be mainly about deals on parking, baggage fees and other auxiliary services rather than actual air fares.

Wherever you live, you may be able to find low fares from an airport near you by searching for the airport code plus "deals".


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