Friday, May 02, 2014

Hotel Coupons for Savings

Hotel prices are rising fast, so any way of saving money on lodging is welcome news. One that can work for some popular destinations in the United States is The site offers special deals on a number of hotels in cities such as Atlanta, Washington, DC, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Diego and San Francisco.

These savings can be combined with earning points through Priority Club, the frequent guest program of Holiday Inns. The points so earned can be redeemed for free nights.

Another good source of savings for travellers on the Interstate highways in the U.S. is the coupon books available at rest stops. Or if you are willing to drive a little distance off the highway, you can often find better deals on non-chain hotels and motels along smaller roads. It is best to research where you will stay in advance and book ahead, but one of the joys of driving is that you can change your plans without a penalty.

If worse comes to worst, when you drive there is always the option of sleeping in the car if affordable accommodation is scarce.


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