Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sources for Cheap Flights

If you want to save money on flights, there are a number of possible sources. Two that occasionally seem to have very low fares are and The latter advertises flights to Moscow from the U.S. for as low as $555, but does not provide details on its Website of exactly when these are. To get more information, you have to call their toll-free number, 888 420 1617.

I read about Skyscanner in a blog where the writer got a flight from Washington DC to Istanbul, Turkey in the winter for about $350 return, an amazing price. With these sites it is a good idea, if you have a flexible schedule, to ask to be alerted for unusually low fares to your chosen destinations. This will mean more email, but then there is a price for everything.

I checked Skyscanner for flights between Montreal and Moscow near the end of this month, and one routing through Morocco came in at less than $1,000. However, there were long layovers involved. You should be aware that to get the very low fares, you may have to spend more than 34 hours in transit, or fly from an airport that is not in your home town.

However, if you are willing to travel on short notice, there are still some bargains out there.


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