Thursday, May 08, 2014

Yacht Tour to Arkangelsk

Russia is a fascinating country to visit, but few visitors ever see much beyond the two main cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Most tours concentrate on these capitals and their well-known attractions, so I am always pleased to discover tours that take you off the beaten path at reasonable cost.

Ulkotours ( offers such a tour, a voyage by yacht from St. Petersburg to Arkangelsk in the Russiasn North during the White Nights of summer. You sail through Lake Ladoga and stop at a number of islands to visit monasteries and other points of interest. You transverse the famous White Sea-Baltic Sea canal, built in Stalin's time at the cost of many lives.

This tour offers a chance to explore a part of Russia where other tourists are thin on the ground, and to enjoy extended time in nature. Best of all is the price, 1121 euros (about $1700)  per person for a trip that takes about three weeks and includes tours on land, four meals a day and the services of English-speaking personnel. No sailing experience is required.

Ulkotours also offers other itineraries in Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic Republics with many shore excursions geared to cruise passengers.


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