Friday, June 13, 2014

Low-cost Flights in the Northeast

If you happen to live in or near Newport News, VA, you will soon be able to enjoy inexpensive flights on a new budget airline. Called PEOPLExpress (,) this company is clearly taking advantage of the similarity of its name to one of the earliest cheap airlines in the U.S., the late People's Express.

Service will begin to three cities on June 30--Newark NJ, Boston MA and Pittsburgh Pa. The base price for a one-way fare is $76 to Boston or Newark, and $59 to Pittsburgh. Later in the year the airline plans to begin service to a number of other airports including West Palm Beach FL.

As is often the case with budget airlines, there are charges for many items that are usually free on larger competitors. For example, on PEOPLExpress you have to pay for luggage stored in the overhead compartment and for coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Another problem with these airlines is that they own only a few planes, so if one is grounded for mechanical or other reasons it can take a while to get a replacement aircraft. Still, for people who live near the hub, this sounds like an option worth checking into.


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