Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer Literary Seminars

You are probably familiar with the value of using some vacation time to study or brush up on a foreign language abroad. There is nothing like being in a place where a language is spoken to improve your verbal skills and motivation for learning. However, it is also possible to study other subjects in various locations abroad.

Through an organization called Summer Literary Seminars ( you can study writing with masters in the field in Lithuania, Kenya or Montreal. The Lithuania program lasts two weeks and gives participants a choice of two different kinds of writing to pursue, such as fiction, poetry, non-fiction and so forth. In addition to scheduled seminars, there are many events where you can get together with fellow participants, seminar leaders and local writers.

These seminars are a mini-introduction to creative writing courses, in case you have ever been tempted to pursue that field. The fact that they are held abroad adds greatly to their appeal, I believe. I participated in one of the workshops when they were still being held in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was pleased with the experience.

The cost of the Lithuania program for two weeks is $1,950 U.S. which does not include housing. Lodging is available in shared dorm rooms for as little as $11 per night. You also need to add the cost of air fare. Scholarships are available to some participants based on need.

For a full account of my experience at Summer Literary Seminars, you can consult the portfolio section of my Website, The article was originally published in Transitions Abroad (


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