Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prague at Low Cost

There is a post on about a weekend in Prague that cost the traveller less than $100. And no, she did not stay at a hostel, but shared a room at the Casa Marcello in the old Jewish quarter of the city that cost about $100 a night for two people.

Prague is one of Europe's most beautiful and least costly cities. It survived World War II unscathed by bombs, so much of its medieval heritage is preserved. In addition, it is known for excellent local beer and hearty food, so it is very popular among young travellers.

A short tour of Prague Castle which included the old royal palace and St. Vitus Cathedral cost $12.50 per person, and lunch with two beers at the Strahov Monastery not far away came to about $15 per person. The Old Town Square is one of the city's main attractions, with its fascinating astronomical clock, and you can walk around for free. Dinner from a street vendor cost $5.

Another favourite activity of tourists and locals alike is strolling across the Charles Bridge, lined with medieval statues. You can rent a paddleboat on the Vlatva (fornerly Moldau) River for $12 per hour, and enjoy great views of the city. A visit to the world famous Old Jewish Cemetery where tombstones are virtually piled on top of one another costs $15. Most of the sights in Prague are accessible on foot, but wear comfortable shoes to handle the cobblestone streets in the old section.

It's many years since I was in Prague--it was in Communist times in the 1980s when tourism was highly regulated. You received coupons you could use to buy meals in restaurants or at your hotel. Even then the city was appealing.


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