Thursday, October 23, 2014

Budget Airlines

One of the problems with budget airlines is that they have even more fees than the legacy carriers, and the fees can quickly add up to make a fare a lot less affordable. At least one of these airlines, Peach ( which operates out of Osaka, Japan, has an answer to these costs with its Happy Peach plus fare. This higher fare covers the cost of one checked bag in addition to a carry-on, seat selection and unlimited free changes of travel date and time. Peach serves a number of destinations in Japan, as well as others in Asia--South Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Closer to home, Allegiant Air ( has some unusually low fares on its routes to Florida, provided you book by October 27. For instance, you can fly between Tampa-St. Petersburg and Asheville, NC for as little as $40. Tampa to Belleville, IL goes for $55, the Hudson Valley can cost as little as $58. For a flight from Plattsburgh, NY near the Canadian border to Tampa the lowest fare is $67, and from Niagara Falls, NY near Toronto the tariff to Tampa starts at $77.

These prices are based on paying by debit card and booking online. Paying by credit or booking over the phone will set you back a little more. One of the good effects of the recent drop in oil prices should be lower air fares, or at least no big increases.

It's not related to travel (although Ottawa is an interesting place to visit,) but I feel compelled to remark on the very sad events that transpired in that city yesterday. I worked as a reporter on Parliament Hill, and used to enter the building through the stairs in Centre Block and walk along the corridor that became a shooting gallery. The Hill had a friendly, collegial atmosphere that is bound to suffer in light of tougher security measures.


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