Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free University Tuition in Germany

If you are considering study abroad, or know someone who is, think about studying in Germany. German universities are tuition-free, not just for Germans but for everybody. Yes, that is correct. The cost of getting your degree in Germany is zero.

You too can study at the same places where luminaries such as Goethe, Max Planck and Albert Einstein cracked the books, and all for free. Of course, you will need to pass an exam first to demonstrate that you have a working knowledge of the language. And while tuition is free, the cost of living in Germany can be fairly high depending on the place you choose.

For Americans, who often go into tens of thousands of dollars debt in order to acquire an undergraduate degree, this sounds like an idea worth exploring. The same is true to a lesser extent for Canadians, and quite possibly for citizens of other countries.

There is a post on about the differences between German and American universities, which are considerable. At a German university you are expected to determine your major before you start, and there is little or no hand-holding if you get into trouble. Nor are there fancy dorms, nice gyms or other amenities common in North America. Students mostly live with their families or share off-campus housing.

I have not found a good source for information foreign students need to access this opportunity. I suggest contacting the nearest German embassy or consulate, or Goethe Institut to brush up on your vocabulary. For the right student, this sounds like a tremendous chance to study abroad at minimal cost and acquire fluency in a second language at the same time.


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