Sunday, November 02, 2014

Low-Cost Choices in Mexico City

Mexico City is a fascinating place, and it is one of the most affordable very large cities in the world. A story in The Guardian lists the author's choice of the 10 best budget hotels in Mexico City, many of which have central locations.

One that did not make the list was one of my favourites, the Majestic Hotel overlooking the zocalo and stunning cathedral right in the historic centre. According to, rates start at $82 per night. It is an older place built in colonial style, with a very attractive roof terrace. One reason I chose it was that it features in a book by an author I enjoy, Len Deighton, who had his British spies stay at that hotel.

Another good choice, this one in the Zona Rosa, is the Hotel de Geneve, where prices are a little higher. For rock-bottom rates and a chance to interact with people from all over, the Casa de Amigos run by the Society of Friends is a very affordable option.

Mexico has lots of interesting sights including the zocalo, cathedral and the Aztec temple on whose site the church was built. Another must see is the National Museum of Anthropology near Chapultepec Park at the top of the Reforma. The park itself is also well worth a visit. I don't know if the food is as good as it was last time I was there, but a restaurant I really liked for its decor is Sanborn's House of Tiles in the historic centre.

I have visited Mexico City four or five times, but the first visit was the best. I was in college and my dad had a business convention there. When we arrived there were actually photographers to greet us, and we stayed in a large hotel suite overlooking the golden angel monument on the Reforma. It was  a magical visit, particularly since it was my first trip outside the United States.

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