Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Cheapo Japan

If you are interested in visiting Japan on a budget, check out the Website of Cheapo Japan (www.cheapojapan.com.) This very useful source contains information on inexpensive places to stay, how to get around, where to eat and even a survival guide to the Japanese language.

Japan is on a lot of traveller's wish lists, but has the reputation of being expensive and hard to navigate. With the information on Cheapo Japan, getting around should be a lot easier. There are several unusual options for places to stay besides the common hotels and hostels. For example, you could consider bedding down at an Internet cafe for as little as about $7 a night. Or stay at a hot spring.

 Capsule hotels, where you sleep in a coffin-like room that contains a TV, light, clock and radio, are another possibility, though they are not for the claustrophobic or for very tall people. Love hotels are also less costly than normal hotels. Probably none of these options would suit older travellers, but they could work for the young and adventurous.

People who can stay in one Japanese city for a month or longer might consider renting a room in a guesthouse at reasonable cost. Cheapo Japan lists a number of these places in the major cities. There are lots of ways to save on travel in Japan, and the country's record of cleanliness and personal safety certainly makes it attractive.


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