Friday, November 07, 2014

Self-Promotion for Housesitters

I have never either been a housesitter or used a housesitter, but I suspect the supply of willing housesitters often far exceeds the demand, somewhat like the case with travel writers. One way to make yourself stand out as a housesitter is through online self-promotion, such as the Website owned by an American couple.

The site tells of their various house- and pet-sitting adventures, and quite a lot about their background in the management levels of corporate America. This same couple has another site,, about their travels and retirement planning. My only quarrel with this site is the title, since I thought from the use of the word "rollie" that they were British.

In any case, their site would certainly make me more likely to contact them if I needed someone to take care of a house or animals. Like many people I guess, I would be reluctant to have strangers stay in my place while I was away. I wouldn't mind staying in someone else's place, though.

 With more and more stuff moving online, you seem to need a Website for just about any business or personal venture. One of my long-time friends met her husband online, and another friend has also spent a lot of time (and money) in an effort to connect with guys online.

But for travel, it cannot hurt to have a significant online presence whether you want to Couchsurf, use Airbnb, housesit or exchange houses with others. Of course, your online presence should not include pictures at drunken revels, nude shots or other questionable material.


Anonymous Nancy said...

Hi, Nancy here from Global House Sitting Pros. Thanks for the mention of our blogs. We are sharing creative ways to travel on a budget in retirement and house sitting and home exchange are two outstanding options. We've done both. You are right, it takes an initial leap of faith (and a lot of back and forth both in email and skype) between the parties to establish a level of trust. My husband was hesitant at first to let a stranger into our home but after our first home exchange, he was sold. By the way, he came up with the term backpack and rollie and most folks in the US don't get rollie but it suits us to a T.

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