Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back Blogging

My wonderful computer guru Bernie Landry has remedied the problem that kept me from contibuting to this blog for nearly six months. Thanks, Bernie. Of course, I have to go into deep cover and pretend to be another person, but what else is new?

Check out the recent New York Times story on why now is a good time to visit Russia, where budget hotel rooms in Moscow cost about $50 a night, less than you would pay in most places in North America. The devaluation of the ruble has cut prices for a lot of items in Russia, and has also cut into tourism so there is less competition for rooms and restaurants. The story didn't mention whether my favourite dining spot in Russia, McDonalds, is still operating. I read earlier that they shut down there because of sanctions.

Anyway, it's great to be back. Looking forward to bringing you lots of new information on how to save money while travelling. If you are looking for more reading material, please have a look at my review of Stephen Kotkin's book on Stalin at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

I'm so pleased to see your blog back in action - I've missed reading your updates and several times was on the verge of deleting the bookmark to your site. Looking forward to reading more fascinating travel info.

Your friend Joan in PEI

9:47 am


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