Monday, June 22, 2015

Report on Life on a Greek Island

Check out a report by my friend Ann Diamond, a Montreal writer, on what it is like for ordinary people living on the Greek isle of Lemnos during Greece's economic crisis. It's at

This isn't one of those rosy reports encouraging people to retire abroad and take advantage of a lower cost of living, but a frontline account of actual conditions on an island Diamond knows well. It is devastating--shops closing, people committing suicide, others being paraded through the town for not paying their bills, many living mainly off the produce from their gardens if they are lucky enough to have gardens. Even nature, which used to bless Greece, is unreliable now--the seas are fished out, the sunshine not as abundant as it once was.

I was most affected by her report of the situation of an American friend who has lived in Greece for decades. The friend is now 76 with a small house but no pension, and survives by fasting for three days a week.

Greece does still benefit from beautiful beaches and cheap wine, but transportation can be unreliable. According to Diamond, the Greeks believe their situation will be reflected across the developed world in the near future. We can only hope they are wrong.


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