Monday, December 28, 2015

Europe on $50 a Day or Less

I recently discovered, a very useful Website if you are planning a trip. It details prices for different budgets in various parts of the world and shows that yes, you can still visit Europe for $50 a day or less if you stay in budget hotels, about half that price if you opt for hostels. And that is for lodging, meals, drinks, some transportation and sightseeing.

The catch is that the cheapest places are all in Eastern Europe, and some are not easy to get to. For 2016 they predict that Kiev, Ukraine will be the cheapest place for backpackers, at just $22.84 per day, followed by Bucharest, Romania; Krakow, Poland; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Belgrade, Serbia. All come in below $27 a day.

If you don't like hostels and opt for modest hotels, the cost will approximately double in more or less the same cities, but will still be $50 a day or less for the top five choices of 2015, led by Bucharest at $43.80 per day. St. Petersburg, Russia just misses the cheapest five at number six, and just over $50 a day, not including the cost (and hassle) of obtaining a visa.

The costs listed are for the cheapest centrally-located hostel or hotel that receives good online reviews, so your actual cost may be higher than those listed. Still, in these days of ever-higher prices in North America it is good to know that you can still stretch your travel dollars a lot by going abroad.

The Website also lists price information for Asian and Caribbean destinations.


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