Sunday, December 20, 2015

New York Hotel Bargains

I was idly thinking of visiting New York City at the end of January, and did a search of hotels for the last weekend of the month. I was very surprised to find what sounded to be some pretty good deals, less than I paid more than a decade ago, the last time I visited.

For example, on the Website I found that a room at the Pennsylvania Hotel was going for as low as $65 a night, plus tax and service charges. Now taxes are high in New York, but that still sounds as if it would come out to be a bargain. Located right above Amtrak's Pennsylvania Station, this hotel is an especially good choice for rail travellers.

A number of other hotels in Manhattan came in at less than $100 per night. Obviously these are not luxury places to stay, and some online reviews were unenthusiastic. To be sure of what you will be paying in total, check the tax carefully online or book directly with the hotel.

I have heard that foreign tourism in New York is down a lot because of the strong U.S. dollar, so perhaps that is helping keep hotel prices low. In any case, it's good news. The latter part of January in New York can be cold, but the cultural season is in full swing and crowds are minimal.

Another good choice for a January vacation is Rome. I read some years ago in an article by someone who lives there that it is the only time of the year when that Italian city is not overwhelmed by tourists and pilgrims.

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