Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transitions Abroad for Inspiration

This time of year it's good to start thinking about future travel, especially if you live in a place where the weather is snowy and cold. An excellent source of inspiring articles for just about any aspect of travel is the online publication www.transitionsabroad.com.

TA is a portal for learning about things like budget travel, long-term travel, studying abroad, volunteering abroad, working abroad, language and cultural immersion and similar non-traditional ways of seeing the world. You won't find much coverage of traditional cruises or group tours--the emphasis is mostly on ways to combine travel with education.

There is a search function where you can put in the name of a country and see their recent articles about it. I find it a great way to get re-energised about travel, and a source of new ideas on places to go and things to do. For example, an article offers information on how you can volunteer to help animals abroad. Generally the articles are thoughtful, not promotional the way so many travel stories tend to be.

Full disclosure--I have written for Transitions Abroad, when they had a print publication. If you happen to be an aspiring travel writer this could be a good market.


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