Friday, February 26, 2016

Inexpensive Homestay Tours

If you enjoy meeting the locals and really getting to know a culture from the inside out, you can't go wrong by taking a trip with Friendship Force And as a bonus, a number of their trips are very reasonably priced.

For example, this year you can travel to Sao Paolo and Curitiba, Brazil for 14 nights for just $1125 U.S.  That price includes homestays in both cities, most meals and tours, but does not include international air fare or visas, which most travellers need for Brazil.

Another possibility is a 12 day trip to Pau, France and nearby northern Spain for just $1775 U.S. without air fare. If dancing is your thing, consider travelling to Bogota, Colombia in the fall for an exchange concentrated on dance. The trip lasts nine days and costs just $900 U.S.

Another exchange involves staying with locals in three eastern U.S. states, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New Jersey, and visiting sites associated with colonial history and the American Revolution. This 15-day voyage costs just $1285 U.S.

I have heard that Friendship Force is having some trouble attracting new members, so if you want to explore this unique way of travelling, don't put it off too long. I have participated in two of their exchanges, both to Russia, and found them very interesting. The exchanges give you an insight into the culture that it is hard to acquire any other way in such a short time.


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