Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Deals to Europe, Middle East this Spring

There are some very good prices available now for flights to a number of destinations in Europe and the Middle East from Montreal and Toronto during April, May and June. Considering the prices are in Canadian dollars (worth about 75 cents U.S.) the savings are hard to believe.

For instance, you can fly on Turkish Airlines http://www.turkishairlines.com from Montreal or Toronto round trip to Oslo for $569, to Moscow for $585, or to Kiev for $582. To get these rates, which are only available on certain dates, you need to follow the directions given on the Websites YUL deals or YYZ deals http://www.yuldeals.comhttp://www.yyzdeals.com. You probably will not be able to get them from the airline directly, though it is always worth a try.

Another very good fare from Toronto only is to Amman, Jordan on Saudia http://www.saudiairlines.com via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Reports from the Middle East indicate that very few tourists can be found these days at places like Petra in Jordan or the Pyramids of Egypt, so if you are made of strong stuff this could be a very good time to visit. I visited Jordan in 2003 when tourism was also decimated by the start of the Iraq war, and found it relaxing to be one of the rate tourists.

Tourism is down in Turkey also, but I was dismayed to read that despite that fact the average double hotel room there still goes for about 100 euros. Obviously, Turkey is no longer the cheap destination it once was.


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