Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Win a Trip to Israel

Israel is a fascinating country, and now there is a possibility to win a free trip there. The blog http://www.travelsofadam.com is offering a 10-day trip including air fare, accommodation and tours. The site advertises itself as a men's lifestyle blog, but the contest is open to all.

In addition to its interest as a pilgrimage and historic site, Israel has a lot to offer in terms of climate, openness and culture. It is one of the few countries in the Middle East now where women can travel more or less freely with little concern about how they dress. I have heard that there is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish section of Jerusalem where outsiders, especially scantily-dressed ones, are not welcome, but other than in holy places pretty much anything goes elsewhere.

The walled city of Jerusalem is especially picturesque, but bustling Tel Aviv with its beaches and modern culture is also attractive. In winter you can still enjoy the beach in Eilat on the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba. The holy places of Christianity other than those in Jerusalem lie mainly in the north around Nazareth, or on the West Bank (Bethlehem.)

As a holy land for three major religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) Israel is of course a place of contention and conflict, but nevertheless one that welcomes tourists. It is a tiny country, but one that contains enourmous variety.

I haven't been there since the 1990s, so I hesitate to say much about current conditions. However, if you haven't been there, I would definitely recommend a visit.


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