Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Inexpensive Russian Summer School

I am indebted to the blogger behind 8 months in Ukraine for the following information, and you should consult her blog for details. I searched long and hard for ways to study Russian cheaply, preferably in Russia, and she has unearthed some possibilities.

The key is to depart from the usual tourist trail of Moscow-Petersburg-Sochi. Three different state universities in the boonies and a Siberian Summer School in Yakutsk, really in the boonies, offer bargain programs. At Kalmyk State University in Elista, a two-week program offering 60 hours of Russian language lessons, accommodations, meals and some excursions, costs just $501 U.S.

The Udmurti State University in a Finno-Ugric region has a program that lasts three weeks with 109 class hours, excursions, lodging and food for just $440. Omsk State University in western Siberia offers a three-week program for $469, with 72 hours of instruction, accommodation and transfers.
In Yakutsk in far northern Siberia, the Summer School lasts three weeks and costs $1012, with meals, a place to stay and Siberian-themed lessons.

The fact that these places are all far off the beaten path just adds to their attraction, at least in my book. Unfortunately it is probably too late to apply for this year, but there is always next year. At these prices, you can hardly afford to stay home.


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