Monday, June 27, 2016

Turn Over a New Leaf for Savings

Canada is known for having some of the highest domestic air fares in the world. There are only two major airlines, Air Canada and Westjet that try to serve the whole very large country, and limited competition is seldom good for low prices.

Now, though, a startup low-cost airline called New Leaf is offering competition in some markets across the country. Based in Winnipeg, it has flights mainly to smaller airports in the West, with very limited service in Ontario and New Brunswick and none in Quebec.

While the fares are low, most flights operate only two days a week. And by the time you add on fees for extras, savings may be minimal. They even charge for printing your boarding pass at the airport and for carry-on bags. Seat selection costs $10 to $25, carry-on bags cost $30 to $80, and checked bags cost $25 to $125. You do get one personal item like a purse or computer bag free, so long as it fits under your seat.

One option I would definitely take advantage of is a $20 Flex fee that allows you to change or postpone your flight once. I wish the major airlines offered this choice.


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