Monday, July 18, 2016

Flights to Europe from $149 One Way

From time to time I check out Eurocheapo  for blog ideas, and it seldom disappoints. This is a very useful site for information on visiting Europe on a budget, including listings of cheap hotels in expensive cities such as Paris and London.

For example, a hotel in Montmartre with rooms with private bath and breakfast goes for just about $75 this summer. However, don't expect air-conditioning for this price, so it could be a better choice in winter.

But even more interesting is information on budget flights to Europe. The cost of getting there often amounts to half of more of the total price of a European vacation if you leave from North America. Wow Airlines will be offering one-way fares to Europe this winter from Newark, NJ starting as low as $149. For Canadians, flights from Toronto this summer begin at just $249 Canadian. Destinations include Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

Wow is a true budget airline, so odds are you will end up paying more than the sticker price, but less than the fare charged by conventional airlines. Wow is based in Iceland, so it is also a cheap way to reach Iceland. Why, I wonder, are so many budget airlines based in remote and expensive places like Iceland and Norway? Is it because locals can't wait to get away and therefore travel frequently? Just wondering.


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