Saturday, August 06, 2016

Free Book Swap in Helsinki Airport

One of the things that can make long-distance air travel pleasant is the chance to read a good book with little or no interruption.. But books can be heavy, and you may not want to carry many of them on board.

If you happen to be flying through Helsinki Airport, check out the free book exchange in the Kainuu Lounge by Gate 31. This lounge, which is open to all passengers, is at least as attractive as most of the restricted airport lounges I have sampled. Why doesn't every airport have something like this?

I'm aware that some people prefer to read books electronically, but I'm not one of them. Finland, along with Iceland, is a highly literate society and there are plenty of good book shops in Helsinki with books in English as well as Finnish.

To hear the national anthem of Finland being played in the new music hall in Helsinki, go to


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