Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bargain in the Heartland

It's good to know that some things don't change much. I just got a note from my cousin Pat written on the back of a rate sheet for a hotel in Canistota, South Dakota. There, you can get an economy room for one person for just $28, or for two for $33. That's for room with bath but no shower, no air conditioning and no phone.

Even if you splurge on a room with all the trimmings including a queen bed, fridge and microwave, its own whirlpool bath,cable TV, air conditioning and phone, the charge is only $47 single, $52 double. So, there are still bargains to be found off the beaten track in the centre of North America. It's a part of the continent I have yet to explore, but at these prices the prospect is tempting.

Another part of the world that doesn't get much coverage in terms of tourism is Belarus and the Caucuses Republics that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. I was pleased to see that the Campbells, a couple behind a blog called, which I have written about before, are now exploring this relatively unknown area.

They are a senior couple who are travelling full time and staying mainly at places they find through AirBnB. Their reports are long on photos and sadly a little short on specifics about prices, but they give you a good feel about what it is like to actually visit the places they stay and explore. They do say that they are finding prices in Eastern Europe a lot cheaper than those farther west, although accommodations are also quirky by their standards. However, they do not fault the hospitality of the people in these countries.


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