Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Budget Travel with a Russian

I recently discovered a budget travel blog maintained by a young Russian woman named Liza that contains, in addition to the requisite beautiful pictures, a lot of useful, specific information gleaned from her frequent travels. Check it out at http://www.tripsget.com.

She travels with a boyfriend, Pepe, she met while both were students in the UK. Now they live in different countries, but meet often on trips. She lives in one of my favourite cities, St. Petersburg, and one of the posts is about low cost places to eat in her home town. They were almost all new to me, and sound worth exploring.

Another blog post gives specifics on travelling from Athens to Serbia in a week, with costs of transport, sightseeing and food. She went via Albania, and had quite a different take on Tirana from that of my friend who was there this past summer. She also cautions that parts of Athens have virtually been taken over by refugees.

Other posts give specifics on costs in places as diverse as Rome, Cambodia and Iceland. The writer and her friend usually stay in hostels to keep costs low. If you are looking for ideas on new places to visit with up-to-date information, you could do a lot worse.


Anonymous Tours in Russia said...

Well, I have been in Russia once and to travel there is not so expensive. For a week I spent 300EUR and I had many tours, tried local restaurants.

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