Monday, January 16, 2017

Digital Nomads in the Balkans

A professional couple (geography, forestry) who love travel and the outdoors have a blog where they write about their experiences around the world, including very recently in the Balkans. They are digital nomads, who manage to combine earning a living with extensive travel abroad.

Their blog is and has some very useful information about costs and conditions in various parts of the world. They recently lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Tirana, Albania and enjoyed both locations for different reasons. Their costs ran around $900 per month for lodging in a small apartment with utilities including high-speed internet, food, and local travel by private car. They found places to stay through

They praised the food in Albania and the ability of locals to speak English in Sarajevo. However, they also pointed out an unusual risk in Sarajevo--unexploded land mines. Obviously this is something to find out about before extensive hiking.

Earlier in 2016 they spent several months in Vancouver, Canada and liked it for the abundance of nature nearby but noted it was (surprise, surprise) somewhat expensive. They have also ridden the Trans-Siberian Railway all the away to Vladivostok, and are currently based in Finland, one of my favourite countries.

It helps that they are a Polish-Hungarian couple, so are able to get around with Slavic and Finno-Ugric languages.


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