Monday, October 29, 2012

Food Shortage on Flight

I recently flew on US Airways ( the first time in quite a while, and while the flights and service were generally fine, there was an odd thing with the on-board food service. The flight was just over two hours, and some food was available but only from one part of the on-board menu.
In other words, you could order chips and other snacks, but no sandwiches, cheese plates or other more filling items. That explained why I had seen so many people boarding the airplace eating hamburgers and big sandwiches. I wished I had done the same.
We're all getting used to paying for food and drinks and many other items on flights, I guess, but this is the first time I have encountered this type of restriction on the food offered.
As a non-elite flyer I boarded the flight late, and my carry-on bag was placed in checked baggage for free because all the space aboard was full. If you don't like paying fees for checked baggage, this might be one way to avoid them, provided your bag is small enough and the flight is sufficiently full.


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