Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tips for Travel with Limited Mobility

One of the factors that can make it hard to travel is injury or illness. Still, many people who struggle with health issues manage to get around the world surprisingly well. For those with mobility issues caused by leg, knee, hip or back problems, the Website may be of interest.
The work of  veteran travel writer Judy Wells, who is still travelling after a number of joint replacements, it offers useful information on how to travel with less than perfect health. For instance, you probably didn't know --I certainly didn't--that the Roman Colisseum is equipped with an elevator that you can use from the entrance level to a good viewing level.
Wells also discusses gear that may be of interest, such as collapsible canes that fit into a purse or backpack. While some of the advice is common sense (don't climb steps to see the view from a turret or lookout if you can avoid it,) some other information was news to me, such as the fact that most cruise ships are now equipped with elevators so you no longer need to negotiate steep, narrow staircases in sometimes stormy seas.
If you need to be concerned about these issues, it is imperative to do some research before you travel. Some countries such as Russia have very few accommodations for people with limited mobility.
Disability can strike at any age, so it is good to find information that makes travel easier even if you can't physically get around as well as you used to.


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