Saturday, December 15, 2012

13 Months in the former Soviet Union

If you have ever dreamed of extended travel in the former Soviet Union, as I have, you'll want to check out the excellent account of a 13 month trip undertaken by a Chicago lawyer. It's at, and is filled with useful information.
Interestingly enough, Katie includes a complete breakdown of her expenses for this trip, and it comes to lees than $30,000, probably far less than many of us spend in a year at home. I have just started to plumb the riches of this site, but so far I have learned that at least in the Central Asian countries she visited, Katie stayed mainly in hotels and guesthouses, not hostels. She also took a long trip with multiple stops on the Trans Siberian Railway, starting at Vladivostok. In addition, she found volunteer opportunities in three places along the way, and they sound very interesting. One volunteer plan with the Great Baikal Trail in Irkutsk fell through, unfortunately.
I am amazed at the courage Katie displayed, and at her organization of the trip. It must have taken her a long time and a lot of research. But now she has put a lof ot it online for the rest of us to enjoy and perhaps imitate. Thanks, Katie.
The image above is of the Islamic mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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