Sunday, March 24, 2013

VIP Lounge Access

One way to make travelling and flying less stressful is by spending time in airport VIP lounger, rather than pacing the endless corridors or scrounging around for sometimes scarce seats. Lounges offer comfortable seating, usually free soft drinks and perhaps snacks, and quiet for passengers who want to work or rest.
 However, these lounges are usually reserved for those who are flying business or first class, and access to them is seldom worth the additional cost, in my view.
A program called PriorityPass ( will allow you to use lounges at airports in some 300 cities across 100 countrie reagrdless of the price of your ticket. Better still, until the end of March you can do so for a reduced price.
There are several different programs, with the least expensive being $79 for a year's membership, with $27 additional for every lounge visit. If you are sure you will want to use lounges 10 times, the upgrade that provides 10 visits for $199 is a better deal.


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