Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fall Savings to Asia

The Website www.airfarewatchdog.com is a useful way to find out about often unadverttised deals on air fares. At the moment there are some good fares from Montreal to various destinations in Asia--for example, Montreal to Seoul for $1117 on Air Canada (www.aircanada.com) which requires you to travel by Oct. 31. Book directly on Air Canada's Website for this fare.

Flying with United (www.united.com) or Delta (www.delta.com,) you can reach Beijing for as little as $965 return by booking with Hotwire (www.hotwire.com,) or travel from Montreal to Shanghai and back for $1066, also on United or Delta, with booking on Hotwire.

Airfare Watchdog has a feature where you can ask to be alerted when fares are reduced to particular destinations from your originating airport. In these days of escalating travel costs, it could provide savings.

If you are flying, be sure to register for the Twitter feed (www.twitter.com) of the airline you are using. With weather problems seeming to be increaisng in many parts of the world, this will alert you if your airline is waiving change fees because of adverse weather.  Air Canada did this today for flights to and from Toronto, which was hit by serious flooding last night that is causing delays and cancellations at Pearson Airport.


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