Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viking River Cruises Price Cuts

Viking ( which advertises heavily on PBS stations in the U.S., is offering some price reductions on specific cruises, provided you book by 9 p.m. tomorrow EST. The cruises are a 15 day one from Amsterdam to Budapest on April 24, which offers free air fare from certain cities. The lowest price works out to some $354 per person per day, however.

There are also lower prices if you want to sail between Moscow and St. Petersburg in May of this year, and there may be free air fare as well. Still, the cost just for the cruise itself works out to minimum $386 per person per day, not a great basrgain. The promotion codes for these cruises are 5 Echo and 10 Echo, and the phone number is 1 800 304 9616.

Above is a picture of the Viking ship I sailed on in 2010 in Ukraine, the Mikhail Lomonosov. Unfortunately this ship, which had single cabins and was relatively affordable, has been replaced by a newer, more expensive ship and the lowest price of today's cruises comes out to $388 per person per day. Four years ago the cost for my cruise was, as I recall in the low $200s per day, and well worth it.

We seem to be fighting a losing battle in our effort to find interesting, moderately-priced travel adventures, especially when it comes to those of us who mostly travel on our own. I enjoyed my Viking cruise, but it is unlikely I will be taking another one, given today's prices.


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