Thursday, March 20, 2014

Travel Website for Seniors

AARP ( is an American seniors advocacy group that has recently launched a travel portal designed to make online travel planning easier. You can choose the activities that interest you most, and let the portal point you to appropriate destinations.

As we all know, it is possible to waste a lot of time trying to plan a trip online, particularly if you want to get good deals. The idea of a portal that makes it easier is a good one. I checked into this portal, and found that apparently it only applies to U.S. destinations. I chose three activities--sightseeing, msueums and music and theatre, and was directed to Chicago. Now Chicago is a great city, but what about London, Vienna, or Moscow?

In addition, to be able to see the recommendations clearly, you apparently have to sign in--the page I saw was blurred. So while the idea is interesting, something in the execution in lacking. Still, if you are willing to sign in and especially if you are looking for U.S. travel, this site could be worth a look.
Senior travel is a big market--U.S. seniors are estimated to spend $120 billion a year on personal travel.

Incidentally, I noticed that with this post I have surpassed 100,000 page views. Most readers seem to be in the U.S., a number are in Europe, and recently there are some in China. Wherever you are, thanks guys--it's great to be appreciated.


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Hi Margaret,

Glad to know that your blog is reaching people all over the world. Keep up the good work.

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