Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interactive Feature

I'm considering adding an interactive feature to my Website that would allow readers (if any) to post their own travel stories. There are a few sites that do this already, so I would try to distinguish this site by opening it to all types of travel stories except astral travel, remote viewing etc. The stories could be short or long, from nearby or far away, from present or past travels.In the case of past travels, the year should be identified.

This is just in the planning stage at the moment and I would appreciate feedback on the idea. As a writer, I have little interest in working for free, so I would like eventually to be able to offer compensation for the best stories.

However, I also know that people seem to be eager to share their experiences with others, and this would give them a forum to do so.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FB, LinkedIn

Recently joined both Facebook and LinkedIn and am enjoying them. Have connected with some old and new friends and colleagues. I'm still not sure how this all connects together, but I guess in that I am just like everybody else, including the computer gurus. Everyone seems to be looking for the gold standard of internet communications.

I discovered that I can use my Aeroplan points to fly to Chile for only about $200 in taxes and service charges, so will probably do that next month. Chile seems to be one of the more expensive South American countries, but I am sure there are ways to do it at moderate cost.

I was impressed with the success of a blog, the one featured in the film Julie and Julia. Interesting to discover that some people really do read these things from time to time. Also enjoying the blog posts on the Website, about travelling alone for the boomer set.

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