Saturday, January 09, 2010

Freezing Florida, Allegiant Air

Belated Happy New Year from freezing Florida. Today in Clearwater Beach the high temperature is not expected to be above 40 degrees F. That may not seem cold to some, but believe me, here it is very cold. Many buildings are not well insulated, and it is quite damp. This is the longest uninterrupted spell of cold weather I can remember in many years of coming to Florida in winter. Still, one soldiers on.

I am testing a new way to return to Montreal later this month, flying on Allegiant Air nonstop from St. Petersburg-Clearwater airport to Plattsburgh, NY then taking a two hour bus ride across the border. It is well-priced, about $125 U.S. plus $20 U.S. for the bus ticket, and avoids transfers. It may be possible to get equally good fares right into Montreal on travelocity, orbitz etc. but they always include a change of planes somewhere. Especially in winter, that can result in major delays.

I'm looking forward tp trying a new airline, though not to the enhanced security measures at U.S. airports.