Monday, April 12, 2010

River Cruise Reductions

If you book by April 30, Viking River Cruises is offering 2 for 1 pricing and some other incentives on its cruises of European rivers. In some cases, this also applies to single cabins, which is an unusually good deal for the lone traveller. I am considering booking one to the Ukraine, a country I have yet to visit. The price for an 11 day cruise would be $1930 U.S. including port taxes, meals, an onboard culture program and 9 guided excursions.

Viking also offers cruises of most of the other major rivers in Europe. I have never taken a river cruise in Europe, but greatly enjoyed the two cruises I took on the St. Lawrence River, one of them on a Ukranian ship, the Gruzia.

River cruising is a relaxing way to travel and appeals primarily to middle aged and older travellers. For more information on Viking's deals, consult