Friday, June 11, 2010

Europe on Sale

This is a good summer to visit the capital cities of Europe and save money on hotels. A quick check on for dates in late July shows that you can find a room for under $100 U.S. in most of the capitals of northern Europe. The price may not include tax and service charges, and in some cases the hotel may be far from the center.

Still, I was amazed to find reasonable prices even in places like Moscow and London, notorious for extremely expensive lodging. In Moscow you can stay at the Hotel Milan near Domodedovo airport for $98 per night--this is a 4 star hotel that received good reviews. The Maxima Zarya, sister hotel and very close to the Maxima Irbis where I stayed in 2007, goes for $94 a night. I paid a lot more in 2007. These are nice hotels but also not very convenient to downtown. The Peter the First Hotel right near the Kremlin costs $168 for the same period, and is rated 5 stars.

In Berlin the Kempinski Hotel Bristol right on the Kudamm, a five star place, costs just $90 a night for the same period. This is a tremendous bargain at one of the city's best hotels. The Park Inn on Alexanderplatz offers rooms for $82 per night. It was known as the Forum when I stayed there in 2002 and paid, as I recall, about $120 per night. In Stockholm the Elite Hotel Marine Tower charges $85, while in London a room at the International Hotel at the Docklands goes for $109.

Don't wait for better prices--this is the summer to visit Europe.