Sunday, April 17, 2011

Changes to Aeroplan

Aeroplan,, the Air Canada frequent flyer program I use, last week announced changes that increase the mileage required for flight rewards on some routes. I was pleased to see that it didn't seem to affect any of the rewards I was considering, but less pleased when I discovered some other changes that must have occurred earlier. I've been building up miles for quite a few years, and was thinking I would use them to fly to Chile or to Russia. To my dismay I discovered that South America is now divided into two zones, northern and southern, and I only have enough miles to get to Peru. In addition, Air Canada no longer flies to Russia or anywhere in eastern Europe. The farthest east you can fly in Europe is Greece, and a flight there requires more miles than a flight to Western Europe. The only destination in the Middle East now is Israel. All this is an object lesson in the need to keep on top of these frequently-changing frequent flyer programs, and to use your miles sooner rather than later. Guess I better book my trip soon, and perhaps start looking for a better program. What I like about Aeroplan is that it is part of Star Alliance, so flights on wonderful Lufthansa count for mileage.



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