Sunday, April 14, 2013

Craigslist for Travel Savings

Craigslist ( may not spring to mind quickly as a travel resource, but in fact the large free site can be very useful for travellers.
There are craigslists for most of the world's large cities, and I often consult this site when trying to find alternatives to pricey hotels. Under the housing section, the housing swap may be good if you can find someone with whom to exchange your home or apartment. It is also worth checking the sublets/temporary listings and the vacation rentals for deals on short stays. Remember, though, there are no guarantees with this site, so be sure before sending any money to verify that the lister is the person they say they are and that the property really exists.
Another section that may be useful is the rideshare section under community listings, if you want to find someone driving to your destination or are willing to drive others in exchange for company and gas money.
Craigslist has received a lot of criticism because it includes listings for sexual services, usually disguised as companionship or massage, and because a few of the people who offer or use these services have come to untimely ends. I'm not keen on this typoe of advertising myself, but most of the major newspapers now also include similar ads. I suspect what people mostly don't like about Craigslist is the fact that it is free for most categories of ads.


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