Friday, May 17, 2013

Housesitting Website

Does the idea of looking after a border collie for a few weekends appeal? Or how about five dogs or cats? These are the sorts of assignments you can find on Many of the openings seem to be in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, but there are also assignments in Australia, North America and elsewhere.
I must admit I would enjoy the border collie job, if only I lived in the UK where it is located. Border collies are lovely dogs on a short term basis, but are so highly energetic that they can be pretty tiring as a full time proposition.
It is possible to scroll through the available jobs on this site without signing up, or if you do sign up to be notified of new opportunities. Most of the openings seem to require some sort of petsitting, not just taking care of a home.
I learned of this site through Mr. Lemon is a retired attorney who writes at considerable length about the challenges of retirement and other topics.


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