Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Savings on Tours, Cruises

Tours and cruises themselves often are less expensive than trying to cover the same territory on your own. The power of large numbers means that tour operators can secure hotel rooms, entrance fees and sometimes restaurant meals for quite a lot less than you would pay. Then if you can score a discount price on the tour itself, savings can really add up.
Touring for Less ( is a Website that provides lower prices on a number of major tour companies' offerings, as well as those of two river curise operators, Uniworld and Avalon. The Website does not seem to provide the actual amount of the discount (at least, not for any of the tours I looked at.) Tour companies range from budget (G Adventures) to luxury (Avalon and Uniworld.)
To get an actual quote, you will probably need to contact the site either by email, live chat or telephone--the phone number is 888-751-4440.
I know from experience that it can be dangerous to call these tour providers. They usually employ very good sales people, and it is easy to be talked into taking a tour or cruise you were just curious about. That happened to me when I called to inquire about a transAtlantic crossing on the Queen Elizabeth II in 2001. The saleswoman was so charming and persuasive that I signed up on the spot. And she was right, I did enjoy the cruise, especially since it docked in New York on September 4, 2001 and I got my last look at the World Trade Center from the water. A week later, as we all know, the Trade Center was gone.


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