Friday, July 19, 2013

Air Canada Sale

Living in Canada means paying a lot for air fare, so whenever I see a worthwhile sale from a Canadian airline I feel obliged to let people know about it.

Air Canada ( has a sale on most of its destinations that expires on Monday, July 22 at 11:59 EDT. Some of the reductions are considerable, but naturally there are restrictions. I checked into some fares from Montreal to several European destinations and found Brussels for $893, and Paris for $900 round trip including taxes. You must travel on certain days of the week and leave no sooner than Sept. 11, and there are other requirements as well. There are also what seem to be good deals to South America, such as Bogota for $829 round trip.

In addition, destinations in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean are included in this sale. So if you haven't decided on a trip yet for this year, check them out.


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