Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cheap Travel in Russia

The Website www.hofa.ru offers some remarkable deals on lodging and meals in Russia. Whether you want to stay with a family and eat all your meals out, eat breakfast or breakfast and dinner and be escorted on walking tours by your host, or just take care of yourself in a self-catering apartment, the price is right.

 Hofa, based in St. Petersburg, also can issue the all-important invitation most visitors need in order to secure a visa. I inquired about lodging in Moscow, and was surprised to find that an apartment starts at 49 euros, not much more than half the lowest rates charged by other sites I have examined. Even cheaper is a room with a host outside the city center, which starts at 29 euros single, 44 euros double, breakfast not included.

If your Russian is rusty or non-existent, they can provide hosts who speak English, at a slight extra charge. They also can provide accommodation in most of Russia's large cities.

My only complaint with this Website is that they do not publish prices, you have to inquire about an actual itinerary in order to discover your options.

For more information on saving money in Russia, please order my electronic book, "Budget Travel Tips for Russia."


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