Thursday, July 18, 2013

Share a Room to Save

Further to the question of how to save money on lodging while travelling, there is a new Website,, that offers to find you a roommate to share a hotel room in certain cities.

It didn't seem to be possible to find out mcuh about the site without signing up, which you can do easily through Facebook ( Like many people, I suspect, I am reluctant to sign up with still another Website that may bombard me with unwanted email.

However, I was able to determine that there is a hotel in New York, the Mildord Plaza, participating in the program. A shared room there will cost $100 per person. At the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong, you can get a shared room for $130 per night. These are both very expensive cities, so the savings is well worth the trouble.

This is a new site, but one that shows promise. As always, of course, exercise caution in terms of your roommate selection if you decide to give it a try.


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