Thursday, December 27, 2012

Staying Fit on the Road

Travel isn't always broadening--some people actually lose weight when travelling. But for everyone, staying in shape while on the road can be a challenge. Unless you choose an upscale hotel, exercise facilities may be scanty or non-existent. Walking or running outside is not always possible or safe.
However, you can do some things to maintain at least a reasonable level of fitness. Practice exercises such as squats, pushups and jumping jacks that do not require equipment and that you can do in your room.. Run in place, or do yoga poses. Practice pulling yourself up on a heavy chair or bed to keep your triceps firm. If you have time, get a day pass for a local Y or other fitness facility.
The Website Travel Fitness ( has some tips for keeping healthy when away from home.. For example, try to arrive during the day, especially when travelling west to east to reduce jet lag. When you get there, go out into the fresh air and light for a while. I do find that this usually helps.They suggest exercising at least every third day, and doing strength trianing at least once a week.
I don't agree with all their recommendations. They say you should drink a lot of water when flying, but they don't mention how to cope with frequent bathroom trips on today's crowded planes. Likewise with their suggestion of getting up and walking the length of the plane every couple of hours on a long flight. Nice idea, but usually not practical when the aisles are crowded with service carts or the weather is bad.
One of the good things about travel is that you usually do get a fair amount of exercise just sightseeing, but it may not be the type of intense workout you do at home.


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