Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wise Words on Finance

Its travel section is small, but the Website has a number of interesting ideas on personal finance and frugal living in general. By managing money well, you can have more cash available for travel or other aims like charity. And up until the end of tomorrow, December 24, you can share your tips on holiday travel savings with other readers of the site for a chance to win a small prize.
Most of the travel posts on this site are written by Norah Dunn, a long term traveller who also writes the travel site As a former certified financial planner, Dunn has more insight than most into what it takes to make travel a priority without going broke. She is also an advocate of trying to live a less materialistic life in general, a view I applaud.
At this time of year when we are inundated with buy, buy, buy messages, it is worthwhile to take some time away from the madness to consider other ways to give back and to organize your finances with the aim of living a more satisfying and meaningful life.
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Anonymous Nora said...

Hi Margaret,
Thanks for the mention! Happy travels.... :-)

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