Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saving up for Travel

The Website www.andthenwesaved.com isn't geared specifically to saving for travel, but it has some good suggestions that would apply to saving for travel, retirement, a new home or car or anything else.
Begun by Anna Newell Jones, a young woman who decided to take action in order to get out of debt, the site details in an interesting way how she went first on a spending fast for a year, then on a spending diet and managed to get out of a substantial amount of debt. It helps that she has a regular job and a sideline business, of course.
She did it by paying only for necessities like rent, food (at home, no restaurants,) gas, insurance, and forgoing buying new clothes, taking vacations, etc. Drastic steps, but it worked.
She lists 56 Free Things To Do, such as taking books or tapes out of the library, walking, biking (if you have a bike,) cutting your own hair, organizing your house or your finances, reading the archives of blogs you enjoy, and many others including visiting local attractions on free days. Of course, if you have a business you can always work on the business, learn a new language from books and tapes, learn more about internet marketing, or search for a new job.
You may already be doing many of these, but it is good to know you aren't alone. The blare of advertising is so loud that sometimes you start to think you must be the only one who isn't constantly at the mall or shopping online.
Another site with interesting ideas on how to save up for travel is www.nomadicmatt.com.


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